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How are AI Tools Helpful in Social Media?

Intelligence is what makes us all human, and AI is just an extension of this quality. 

What are AI tools?

Artificial intelligence tools are the most essential and fastest-growing segment in the software industry. It is an interdisciplinary field that combines theories and techniques from computer science, engineering, mathematics, psychology, and neuroscience. AI tools automate the task of identifying, extracting and altering information easily.

How are AI tools helpful in social media?

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and businesses are using it to connect with their customers. The fact is, many social media platforms don’t exist if there is no use of AI as various aspects of the social media network rely on the use of the latest technology. AI tools have made it easier for businesses to manage their social media presence and engage with their customers. 


By leveraging AI technologies such as machine learning, companies can analyze customer data and identify patterns in customer behavior, which can help them to make accurate product recommendations. Thus, better recommendations can be given to customers through social media.

For example: While an individual uses Twitter they will notice recommended tweets and profiles on their suggestion list. Similarly, if one goes through Amazon AI will analyze likes and dislikes and one will get suggestions of products and services while using other social media handles like Instagram or Facebook.

Spotting Abusive Comments

With the help of AI, social media platforms can detect offensive language and weed out comments that are inappropriate or harmful and can take appropriate actions against those who are responsible for it.

For example, Facebook makes use of AI software known as “deep text” to identify abusive comments or messages. The end goal of this software is to make Facebook more reliable.

AI Influencers

These are AI-powered virtual personalities that have gained a significant following on social media platforms. They use sophisticated algorithms to interact with their followers and create content that is tailored to the interests of their audience.

For example: Lil Miquela is one of the most popular AI influencers, with over a million followers on Instagram. She is a computer-generated character created by Brud, an artificial intelligence company based in Los Angeles.


In this digital world, people don’t want generic content or generic offers. They want content that is specifically tailored for them or offers that meet their individualized needs. In this case, doing personalization by yourself is not easy because one post engages a lot of people at a time. This is where AI can support. By using AI tools for social media management, businesses can save time and resources while still creating engaging content for their followers.

For example:, A software named ‘Content popularity prediction’ to understand what type of content customers want to see and with which they interact the most. This small software will help in overall improving content marketing on social media.

Better Ad-building

AI-powered tools can help businesses analyze data, identify trends and optimize ad campaigns for maximum reach and engagement. AI-driven ad-building tools provide unprecedented insights into consumer behavior, allowing marketers to craft highly effective campaigns that drive the highest return on investment.

For example: Google uses AI to find the best-performing ad for each customer. It helps in providing a more personalized approach to them and the leads are more likely to convert into clients.

Shorter Response Time

There are many situations when customers are stuck in a support line waiting for their calls to be answered. It’s a tedious process and thus makes the whole process frustrating. However, AI has revolutionized the way we respond to customer inquiries.

With AI-powered chatbots and automated customer service systems, companies can now provide faster response times to customer inquiries. AI solutions use natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer queries and generate appropriate responses in a fraction of the time.

For example:
On many business pages while opening the chat box one can see various queries
- What are your working hours?
- Where is your business located?
- What kind of services does your business offer?
- Can I know in detail about services?

When an individual chooses an option chatbot will immediately reply to it.

Community Management

No doubt, social media agency is required by every business owner but it’s not a pleasant place every time. With the help of AI-driven content moderation tools, businesses can quickly identify and remove potentially damaging or harmful content without having to manually review every piece of content that is posted online. The quicker such comments can be removed the better it is for your online community.

For example:
In case any malicious content is identified AI can
- Hide comments
- Block users
- Report comments or users.

Better Analytics

More and more data information is collected on our software when we spend time online. Analyzing this data is crucial for business growth. Data can be packed into insights to help you better understand the business.

AI analytics tools can help provide better analytics reports about the data. It can also be used to identify patterns in large datasets that would otherwise remain hidden. This will enable businesses to make better decisions that result in improved performance and increased profits.

Post Scheduling

The better you can leverage AI to schedule posts, the more it will save you time for other tasks. It allows you to share your content at a time when your targeted audience is online.

For example: Meta business is a service that provides post-scheduling for businesses on Facebook and Instagram. Similarly, Buffer is a Linkedin scheduling app.

Accept AI and Re-Shape Your Business Model 

AI is the future from being used in e-mails to making virtual influencers and the future trend is where your business should be located. This means being one step ahead of the competition. 

The benefits of using AI are numerous and social media is just a piece of cake however it is a crucial piece. Resting your strategy of doing and adopting it will inform how tremendously you can grow your business. So make sure to carry out tests at a small level before implementing the process.