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How to Increase Engagement on Instagram?

Instagram is an attractive platform for many businesses, as it is accessed by 2 billion active users worldwide. It is also a powerful marketing tool because of its features, which allow you to showcase your product in an innovative and attractive way.

When you use Instagram features for your brand marketing, you need content that increases users’ engagement and drives more results. Improving Instagram engagement is a creative way to have successful Instagram marketing.

What is Instagram Engagement?

Instagram engagement is the interaction between your account and Instagram users (followers or non-followers). 

Post Insights 


Account reached your post through the home, hashtags, profile, and others. It also measures the number of followers and non-followers who reached the post. 


This includes post interactions through a number of comments, likes, saves, and shares from followers and non-followers. 

Profile Activity 

This measures the actions people take after engaging with the post, which includes profile visits, call button taps, and email button taps. 

Story Insights


Account reached your story i.e they have seen a story at least once. It also measures the number of followers and non-followers who have seen the story. 


This includes story interactions, including shares and replies. This also measures the interaction through the number of followers and non-followers. Story engagement also includes product button clicks, link visits (mentioned in the story), sticker taps, and navigation. 

Profile Activity 

This measures the actions people take after engaging with the story, including profile visits, follows, call button taps, and email button taps. 

Instagram Engagement Rate Formula 

Total no. of user interaction
————————————* 100
Total number of followers 

How to calculate Average Engagement Rate?

To determine your average engagement rate, first, determine the average number of interactions your posts received.

For example,

On your recent 5 posts, the number of likes was 200, 300, 250, 200, 150. When you add these numbers, you will get a total count of 1100.

Then divide it by the total number of posts (5) So you will get an average count of 220.You would then write this average number into the formula to get your average engagement rate.

Suppose you have 8000 followers, so your average engagement rate would be: 220 *100 = 2.75% 


Once you have calculated your Instagram engagement rate, you might be interested in knowing how to design your engagement well or whether you need to improve it.

To answer this question, let us discuss what a good engagement rate is.

What is a Good Engagement Rate on Instagram?

A good engagement rate varies according to the industry. However, according to social media marketing experts, good Instagram engagement rates can be anywhere between 1% to 5%.

  • Tips to increase engagement on Instagram
  • Inspire comments with call-to-action

Including CTA’s will encourage viewers to comment on your posts, or you can mention for more guidance follow the link on our bio or story. Many creators also mention “save the post” or “share it” if they find it useful.
You can ask questions or add substantial value or context to your posts with a few well-written words. Your captions are the ideal place to encourage your followers.

What is one piece of Advice You Would Like to Give Writers Who Are New on Instagram?

Use Instagram stories

Many Instagram users love watching the stories of others. It provides insight into your brand beyond what you post into your feed.

It has many interactive features:

  • Helps to build relationships with your audience
  • Encouraging audience insight
  • Creating excitement among your followers
  • Increase more shares

You can also post a countdown if you are releasing a new product or if there is some event. It will increase word-of-mouth promotion in many scenarios and ultimately expand your reach.

Include More Hashtags

Including one or more hashtags can increase up to 13% more engagement. When you include hashtags you allow users to search for you for those who don’t follow you.

All you need to do is research hashtags that are more suitable according to your niche.

Considering the Aviation sector in Vancouver 

You can use some specific hashtags like #aviation  #aviationlovers #pilot #pilotlife #instagramaviation #aviationphotography #vancouveraviation #vancouver #seoservicessurrey

Show your uniqueness 

Show your followers who you are and what makes your brand unique from others. Represent brand personality through inspiration and encouraging content on posters and captions. 

For showing your uniqueness try to be a storyteller instead of a preacher because of this people feel a more emotional connection and they are likely to buy your product or service.

Generate different types of posts 

Traditionally; Instagram was just a photo-sharing app but now people use it for generating creative content to increase engagement like you can use Memes,  flash sales, sneak peeks, puzzles and quizzes, and reels. Also, Videos and Reels receive twice the engagement as compared to photos. 

Collaborate with other content Creators

When you collaborate with a content creator and if the collaboration feels genuine and relevant to users they show a willingness to buy your product or services. Collaboration helps in expanding your reach as engaging content easily catches people’s eyes and helps draw more comments and shares.

Partnering with an authentic creator can be your golden ticket to increasing brand awareness and creating more authenticity among users.

Make sure that your partner is using the right tools and resources that they need to carry out their role efficiently and work for hand in hand with your campaign as your truly trusted partner.

Post Giveaways 

Giveaways involve giving away gifts (products or services) to users and are an attractive way to hold engagement on your account. Many businesses use interactive things like, comment, share, and tag(in comments) options as entries into your giveaway. 

Users may also share the post with their friends which would enhance their engagement. To run a contest, a business needs good planning. 

Use proper hashtags related to your giveaway post, google alert, and social media management platforms to track the performance. Once your giveaway is over, declare the results on social media handles. 

Post Consistently

All social media platforms need consistency to grow. Showing consistency in posting is one of the easiest ways to improve engagement on your account. When you post consistently in a strategic manner it attracts audience interaction.

Use other platforms as your marketing strategy 

Try using other platforms also to pinpoint customers straight away on your profile.

It can be done by mentioning your account or inserting a link. 

For example: use WhatsApp status, Snapchat stories with the swipe-up link, and also websites. 

Post at the optimum time

Posting your content at the optimum time means uploading it when most of the users are active. The best universal times to post are 

  • MONDAY  – 12 PM
  • TUESDAY – 9 AM
  • THURSDAY – 11 AM
  • FRIDAY – 2 PM
  • SUNDAY- 7 PM

Although it’s a basic guide about posting time it’s still important to consider your own social media account and the audience present there.

Engage with your users

No one in this universe likes the feeling of being left seen. If not much you can simply tap the heart icon when they reach out. Show your followers that their presence is worthy by carefully responding to comments and DMs, and also try to re-tag them when they tag you.

It will inspire your followers to engage more with your account.

If you want to increase your engagement a step further, comment on posts of accounts with similar target audiences to gain exposure.

Use More video content

Instagram itself is boosting more video content, including user-created reels, on its own tab. Here you can use your own Instagram account to go live, use IGTV features, and add short animated videos to your feed and stories. With animated graphics, you have the added benefit of communicating emotions.

Making videos as part of your Instagram engagement strategy can win engagement from the users

You don’t need to edit like a professional; just make a video with trendy audio, relevant hashtags, and interesting topics.

Use AR (augmented reality) filters

Instagram has made many AR filters available to the public. Since then, many brands are creating their own AR filters as users also follow accounts that create AR filters to make their photos and videos more beautiful.  

As a brand, see if you can create AR video effects that will allow your followers to experience that product virtually and if they find it good, they are likely to purchase it.

Use GIFs

When you are using GIFs for Instagram engagement, don’t put them in JPEG or PNG formats but rather upload them in MP4 video format.

Use SEO 

Creating a good SEO strategy is vital for your brand’s promotion in this highly competitive world.

The two key factors that affect SEO are your account name and your account handle. The first is your name. It should reflect the industry in which your company operates. Make it short and crispy.

Then there is a name under your profile picture, and it should reflect your account handle and the industry you are dealing in. Use words here that you think people search for most. Various studies have shown a significant correlation between Google rankings and social engagement.
If you are looking for SEO consultants or 
SEO services in Surrey or Vancouver, reach out to us.

Make use of different EMOJI’S 

The power of images over words extends to emojis too. With various emojis available on Instagram, it is essential to create those emojis that look formal and appropriate.

Before that, you have to consider a few things about whether your brand should use those emojis or not. Using the right emojis can add a more emotional connection with your audience.

Pay attention to user-generated content

User-generated content is a chance for marketers to engage deeply with their audience as the content is created and approved by your audience, reducing the cost of it.

For example, the red cup contest started by Starbucks is an example of how Starbucks has changed its followers into brand advocates. This campaign asked Starbucks’ followers to submit creative photos of Starbucks red colored Christmas cups in December.

Learn from the best-performing Instagram content

Learn from the content that has engaged most people. Find out the reason behind the engagement and use it again as your Instagram marketing strategy. Also, consider using social media sites like a brand watch that will help you finetune your marketing strategy.

You can also identify hashtags that have worked well for you.

Sponsoring the post

Achieving high engagement on Instagram is becoming quite easy using sponsored posts, if you want to boost your post consider using sponsored posts.

With the sponsored post, you pay to boost a profile post. Instagram will show it to more targeted users labeling it as a sponsored post. With this feature more Instagram users look at your content and your poster can receive any engagement(likes, comments, saves, and shares).

The end goal of Instagram engagement is to increase business growth. Consider partnering with an expert Instagram marketing agency that will help you turn your Instagram engagement into more leads and ultimately more sales and revenue.