Traditional marketing v/s Digital marketing


There are numerous strategies for getting the audience’s attention. One of a business’s most important components is marketing, which aids in grabbing consumers’ attention. Marketing is done by two methods – 

  1. Traditional Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing

The debate about the effectiveness of traditional marketing vs digital marketing is still ongoing. Digital marketing has only recently entered the picture, whereas traditional marketing has been developing for millennia. To help you choose which strategy is imperative for your success, we’ll compare and contrast traditional marketing with digital marketing in this article.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing – A Personal Interaction

Any form of outreach or advertising that is not connected to digital media is referred to as traditional marketing. Promotional materials that appear offline are considered to be a part of traditional marketing. Marketing experts can interact with their target audience in person by using conventional marketing. These marketing materials are often put in locations where their target market is more likely to see, hear, or engage with them.

Traditional marketing includes long-established media such as magazines and newspapers, print, broadcast, telemarketing, or direct mail to engage the audience and broaden the reach. It is a tactic that has been around for years but is generally no longer accepted frequently.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing – 

It Enables You to Reach Your Local Audience:

Traditional marketing is important when trying to reach a local audience and establish a personal connection with the customers. Building a relationship with clients is more important than ever in the consumerism-driven world of today. Newspapers, local TV commercials, and billboards are some of the key conventional promotional strategies used by businesses to engage with the neighborhood. Using conventional methods to reach out to clients is a less corporate and more natural approach.

Building Credibility With Traditional Marketing

Psychology says customers are more likely to trust a business when they see something physical. Digital media undoubtedly makes it possible to quickly reach a larger audience, but customers may not view the organization as reputable or well-established.

It suggests that a corporation has a lot of financial resources when you see its advertisements on radio, TV, publications, or other commercial platforms. It gives the impression that the business is thriving, expanding, and stable.

Attract A Diverse Group of Individuals

Traditional marketing is a great option when your company needs to connect with a more varied variety of consumers. Digital media marketing that is targeted and specialized is meaningless in this situation.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

Medium With Less Information

In traditional marketing, you cannot provide clients with complex product pricing options. You have a short period and space on TV and in print media to provide a limited amount of product and price information. Online and digital media, however, give you a range of choices.

Traditional Marketing Is Becoming Less Popular

By skipping and not focusing on the banners, billboards, and newspaper adverts, people have begun to lose interest in traditional media. They only show interest when viewing something on a digital screen, such as a TV or a smartphone.

No Customization Is Feasible

You are only able to target a broad audience; you are unable to target a particular market niche or demography. For instance, you create a commercial for women’s handbag designs and release it in traditional media. You can use digital media to see how customers are rating your goods and offer them something more appropriate.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing – Ease To Find Things.

Digital marketing entails the use of digital channels to promote goods and services and contact consumers. This sort of marketing makes use of websites, social media, apps, search engines, and anything else that enables two-way communication between a firm and its customers or mixes marketing with consumer feedback. We are experiencing a surge in automation, and digital marketing is a highly automated process that eliminates many manual steps for both customers and marketers.

Advantages of Digital Marketing – 

Accessibility Worldwide

The company may now access the global market because of digital marketing. Global brands like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are well known to everyone. These brands have expanded their reach to a global audience with digital marketing. The development of sophisticated digital marketing strategies has led to the rise of numerous new brands.

Speedy Response

The success and broad use of digital marketing depend on speed and quick responses. Digital Marketing Agency Surrey enables you to immediately respond to your audience. The world has become a global village as a result of the quick response. The recent expansion and development of technology have been mostly driven by speed and quick engagement.

Lower Risk

The benefit of adopting digital marketing is that there is less risk involved. In comparison to TV, billboard, and newspaper commercials, online and social media marketing efforts are far less expensive

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Dependence on Technology

Digital marketing undoubtedly offers numerous benefits, but it is dependent on technology and the internet. Without recent technology instruments like computers, the internet, operating systems, software, and applications, you can’t do anything. 

Cost of Maintenance

Digital marketing lowers many expenses, but it raises maintenance and tech tool acquisition expenditures. To administer your web platform, you must recruit developers and tech experts. Purchasing tech equipment might be highly expensive. When you add up all of these expenses, running your business will become very expensive.

This is how traditional marketing and digital marketing are different.

As a business owner, you’re always seeking new and more effective ways to connect with your target market. You might be debating between traditional and digital marketing to see which is best for your business.

When deciding which marketing approach is appropriate for your company, think about your target market and where they obtain their information. 

Traditional marketing and digital marketing serve various purposes, therefore it’s not always true that one is simply superior to the other. Traditional marketing techniques could be more effective if you want to attract an older demographic or a local audience.

For the majority, digital marketing is likely the best choice. Digital Marketing Surrey is the way to go if you want to target a specific demographic wherever they may be while keeping expenses down.

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Does my business need a website? Here are 12 reasons


Yes, every business needs a website because it provides reliable information to the customers and that helps in building and accelerating the pace of business. A company’s online presence can significantly affect how successful it will be.

Some companies today are still unaware that most of their clients will visit their website before completing a purchase. Web development companies Surrey help you to establish an attractive website that will help you in so many ways.

Three purposes why you need a website for your business-

  • Brand – To build up brand image
  • Product – To showcase your premium quality product and services
  • Information – To gather accurate and reliable information

The following are the 12 main reasons why your business must have a website.

  • To create brand awareness – Consider it this way: professional website screen your message continuously! The more often you deliver to your brand it will prove a gold mine for the business, and easier for your consumers to remember your brand.Establish the band image and let the audience aware about the business through a website.
  • Makes the business look professional – On Facebook, anyone can easily create and access the page with the company’s details without any cost. A corporate social media profile loses a lot of credibility due to this low entrance barrier and that has increased the chances of fraud. However, creating a professional website has a high entry barrier and the most dominant is its cost.
    Consequently, having a business website enhances your credibility and professionalism.
  • Creates distinct identity of business – Competition is the factor that we can’t ignore but has to tackle with some unique strategies. A business can only sustain longer if it has its own distinct identity and this can be done through a website.With web development company Surrey, your business will be able to create a distinct identity for its customers. It will help you to capture more potential customers and will take your organization to another level.
  • Benefit without much investment – Creating a website for the business is simple and will not take much investment but you will be prominently returned. It could help you reach a wider target market while promoting your services or goods.
    Whatever your line of profession, website content affects your decisions on purchases and business activities.
  • Individuals mentality – In the modern world with modern people, it is believed that a website for a business is just like icing on the cake. A business with a website will attract more customers because of the digitalized preference mindset of people.
    For them, providing every material information about the product through the website is treating consumers as ‘king of the market.’
  • Huge customer base – Your consumers will find plenty of crucial information on your effective website. They do not need to contact you to inquire about the location, business hours, or any other straightforward issues.
    Now, the business doesn’t require to focus on a single section of the market. Every person coming to the website is now a potential customer of the organization.
  • Pervasive selling – Shops and businesses might shut at night or for some hours but websites are available 24/7. If you design a website you can interact with clients anywhere, anytime, and even sell the products.
    Your business is active without your physical presence with a professional website. It serves as a tool to update them on all you are doing.
  • Global Business –Through a well-doing website, your business can reach global boundaries. Many web design companies in Surrey help you in doing so.

    By investing in a professional website you will be able to demonstrate your business to the world.
    A website that has been properly optimized can rank higher and show up when users are searching for it. More and more people start connecting with the business and your potential customers will become loyal customers over some time.

  • Upgrade business – With the upgradation in the business, you can upgrade the websites accordingly. This will help to update the clients and will create a good impression.
    Your customer base will tend to increase as people are more fascinated by the dedication of business in making it more accurately available to its customers.
  • Generates more revenue – In the era of digital transformation, designing a website plays a vital role in generating high revenues for businesses.
    Initially, a website can improve the brand image of the business, and ultimately the overall revenue of the business shoots up, which leads to more sustainability for the organization.
  • Online query handling – Your website is a platform for responding to any fundamental inquiries potential clients might have about your company and brand.
    You are eligible to take responses and reviews of your customers with the help of a website. It is also easy for your ultimate consumers to puts on their issues to you directly. It will create a feeling of accountability for the firm toward its customers.
  • Showcase products and services – If you want individuals to buy your goods or services, presentation is key. This is crucial, especially if you own a business where every client is significant.
    In such a situation, it’s also important that we can effectively communicate our expertise, and having a website helps facilitate that. You can make use of pictures, quick video guides, and printable PDF directions.

Final Thoughts

In today’s digitalized economy, it is a must to have a website for your business. With a web development company, Surrey making a website is extremely budget-friendly, and the possibility to expand your firm is huge.

Having a business website will go a long way toward increasing the success of your company. It will give you more return in terms of your profits, goodwill, customers, and many more.

Bizfist is committed to boosting the visibility of your business. All dimensions of website design and development, domain hosting, android app development, and SEO are all included in our services. We are a group of passionate people attempting to assist your company in achieving its goals.

 Expanding the business is simple. Build a website.

10 Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development for Your Business


Are you planning for a custom mobile application for your business? Then you need to put a full stop to your research because you are exactly at the right place!

It’s very obvious that today, people rely on their mobile phones for almost their everyday needs, and it has become more of an essential than a requirement.

Also, thanks to COVID-19 as well! Buying online goods and services has become a normal routine for people around the world, and therefore, mobile app development is becoming more and more important for businesses to stay competitive.

Today, in this article, we will discuss what is custom mobile application development and how it plays a crucial role in a business.

What is Custom Mobile Application Development?

Custom Mobile Application Development is a process of creating mobile applications that can be fitted to your needs. . There are many types of mobile apps available in today’s market but still not enough to meet customer demand.

Custom mobile app development allows companies to create apps that are tailored to their needs and company’s vision.

Custom Mobile Application Development includes all the activities involved in developing an app from designing the user interface to writing code which involves developing iOS, Android, and Windows apps using cross-platform tools such as React Native.

Every mobile app development company needs to understand how their business could be affected by new technology and how it can help them reach their goals. It can be possible with Custom Mobile Application Development.

Why Custom Mobile Application Development?

Every business wants to increase its efficiency and boost its profits. A custom mobile application is the one for that. It is the best way to boost your business and reach out to your target audience in a better way without having to invest much time or money.

A custom mobile app development Vancouver company is not just about making sure that your website is optimized for a particular platform. It’s about building a better experience for your users that will lead them to convert into customers.

Mobile applications are becoming more popular than ever before and there are many reasons behind this trend. The most important one is the fact that people want their digital experiences to be easy and convenient, which can only happen with custom mobile apps.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should go with custom mobile app development.

  • Increases Efficiency – As we all know, custom mobile apps are tailored to the workings and requirements of businesses. App features and functionality are designed and tailored in such a way that they fulfill specific tasks, ultimately increasing a business’s efficiency.
  • Increased Profits – As the efficiency of your business grows, it will definitely give a boost to your productivity and you will get to see profit showers for sure.
    Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? Statistics say that mobile apps are forecasted to generate revenues of $935 billion by 2023, which gives you another strong reason to give a shot to custom mobile apps.
  • Improves Customer Relations – Communication is the key to a satisfied customer, and mobile apps are an excellent way to efficiently communicate with your customers. It can also conduct surveys through forms and let you know about your customers’ experiences.
    In this way, it also lets you get feedback from your customers. Moreover, mobile apps help businesses deal with customer grievances more efficiently.
  • Security – Generic mobile applications have access to all of your data, which puts your data at risk of being stolen. A customized mobile application is specifically designed as per your requirements and assures you of security and safety for your data and privacy.
  • Brand Exposure – Go where your clients are! Statistics say over 90% of mobile phone users spend their time online using mobile apps.
    A custom mobile app means a personalized app designed as per your company’s brand personality. It gives you an opportunity to differentiate your brand from others and stand out in a crowd. It will help your business gain brand exposure.
  • Increase in Customer Base – Your custom app can add valuable features and offer exclusive benefits for app-only users. These kinds of offers can create a sense of hype among existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Employee-Friendly – Because your mobile application is tailored to your company’s needs, your employees will have no difficulty understanding it. This will result in greater efficiency in the work of employees and, ultimately, an increase in employee productivity.
  • Brand Loyalty – Once the customer gains a good experience with your mobile application, it tends to purchase from your brand again and again. Businesses can offer rewards to users that regularly use the app hence increasing brand loyalty.
  • Competitive Edge – Businesses need to have a competitive edge over their competitors in order to stay in the market. A generic mobile application that is used by your competitors will restrict innovation and efficiency.
    Also, with custom mobile application development, businesses do not need to fit into the processes of general applications.
  • Compatibility – Your mobile application should have the capability of being compatible with all systems and devices in order to retain your customers.
    However, if you use a custom mobile application, this will not happen since you will be using an application that is designed to be compatible with all the devices.

So, now if you are in search of the best mobile app development in Vancouver, Surrey, BC agency that will provide you services at affordable rates with true expertise, Bizfist It Solutions Ltd is the company that you are looking for. Book your meeting with us today!

What are the latest trends in SEO that boost traffic?

Search engine optimization is one of the most important processes when it comes to getting a website to reach its intended audience that is why it has gained increasing relevance over the years. Keeping up with SEO Trends is critical when it comes to growing traffic, especially in an increasingly competitive ecosystem like the internet.

SEO is different in 2022 so, advanced SEO strategies are essential. Voice search and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more and more important these days. Web content should be optimized for handy devices like phones, tablets, etc. as it is recorded that most users will start accessing the internet via these gadgets only by 2025.

Here are some of the top SEO trends to increase website traffic.

  • Searching via voice:

Voice assistants and image recognition. These amazing updates are turning the technology and lining with trends in 2021. It is estimated that around 40% of consumers use voice search daily, which translates to more than a billion searches performed each month.

This is not much surprising but Google has announced LaMDA(Language Model for Dialogue Applications) which is a machine learning model. By interpreting language, this new technology will allow intelligent assistants to connect with people more organically and dynamically.

This is significant for SEO since it is all about developing a new approach for internet users so that they can acquire information on the web and return it to them more concisely. Because this feature will be all-encompassing conversation and voice search and when such technologies will be released, those who are optimizing the websites, are likely to earn more profit.

  • Videos must be well-Structured

It has been essential for SEO for years and can’t be overlooked, it is believed that people recognize more what they see. It has been essential for SEO for years. Video sites that got so much popular are Twitch, Tiktok, and Favorite of all YouTube. Well, structured videos can also be an essential part of your content strategy. However, its relevance was never so high as it will be recorded in 2022.

Website owners now have the means to tell Google about timestamps and labels and the structure of the website, with the release of seeking markup and clip. This reflects the positive result as the data will be available to users of Google.

  • Evergreen Content

Make sure you create content that stands the test of time. You can expect a rise in internet usage in the coming years around the world as more and more people gain connectivity and the process of digitization continues.

Some of the benefits of evergreen content include preserving resources for a long time because you won’t need to update your sites regularly or scour the web for the popular topic of the day simply to observe a brief traffic boost.

Furthermore, if the content is of good quality and uses the most recent SEO tactics, you will develop a robust structure for your website that will withstand changing SEO trends.

  • Semantics: more relevant than Keywords

Keywords are taking a back step, that is another aspect that you must be aware of. As mentioned earlier, Google is trying to improve its Google AI Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) algorithm to fully understand language more naturally.

This will have a direct influence on how the search engine chooses the most relevant information, so keep an eye on this trend. With the update in Google’s algorithm, the importance of incorporating certain keywords into the website is reduced.

  • Omnichannel Campaigns

An omnichannel marketing strategy is based on the simultaneous and interconnected use of different communication channels, which also require a coherent feel to them and the reason is that they have seen ads on another platform. This would be done if you had different branding on different platforms.

It is becoming crucial to have consistent campaigns and voices across platforms. This way, the person who saw you on TikTok or Instagram may quickly locate you again by browsing the internet. To retain your potential users, you must have a consistent voice, irrespective of how effectively you adapt to SEO trends.

  • Optimization of Core Web Vitals

The biggest search change in recent years has been the updated page experience. Google has announced that Core Web Vitals is considered a Google Ranking Factor.

The performance metrics of Core Web Vitals are given below:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): The time it takes to load the largest Contentful Paint (LCP).
  • First Input Delayed (FID): Indicates the time it takes for your site to respond after a user interacts with the page for the first time.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): The number of unexpected layout changes that occur over the life of a page.

Core Web Vitals signals on your pages can be considered the most impactful investment in SEO. For the same, you might need to hire a professional and experienced web development company or web developers who can better help you in improving core web vital metrics.

  • AI-Generated Content

The third-generation pre-trained transformer GPT3 machine learning model has been released to the public by OpenAI. AI-assisted SEO tools like CopyAi and Jarvis are becoming popular, allowing content teams to produce more SEO-optimised material at a faster rate.

These tools make it possible to generate titles, paragraphs, meta tags, topics, and entire articles from just a few entries.

  • Refresh and repurpose old content

With the help of updating outdated content, it has been recorded that 75% rise in traffic to the web. Google crawlers will visit your websites whenever you will update current content which helps to raise the chances of a high ranking and regaining traffic. Without creating the new content, content can be relegated to page one in SERP and improve content output without any extra effort.

  • Richer snippets and more structured information

The use of Schema markup, a microdata language, assists Google in understanding and extracting the content on your sites. This helps display rich snippets, which are more engaging and clickable for users.

  • MUM( Multi-Task Unified Model)

The Multi-Task Unified Model, (MUM), is only an amazing and advanced SEO trend. This can be considered the latest algorithmic successor that is a milestone in AI. It can aggregate information from many sources to provide a relevant response. It can retrieve data from several languages. MUM’s purpose is to help consumers access the correct information quickly.

  • Conclusion

SEO is vast and undoubtedly more than just advertising and marketing. the latest SEO trends can help in improving the business and impact positively on the business. Although Covid news has dominated the physical world in 2021, the digital sphere has seen a tremendous increase as a result of this lockdown. This larger importance of the tech world and digital optimization is of vital importance and will continue to do so all across the 2020s.

These SEO trends should offer you an advantage in staying on top and increasing your traffic in the coming year.

That being said, it all comes down to the same thing as always. For a better chance of high ranking, your content must be relevant and easy to understand. No SEO strategy will get the intended results if quality and relevance are compromised.

For any assistance, the Bizfist It Solutions expert team is ready to help you. We are the best SEO company in Vancouver, Surrey, BC.

8 Rules For SEO Strategies Success In 2022

8 Rules For SEO Strategies

The SEO strategy has not changed much over the years but it is still important to understand even the little updates that are happening in the industry. The focus of SEO has shifted from link building to content marketing, that is why there has been a rise in content marketing agencies and an increase in demand for quality content writers.

SEO has a bright future ahead. Hiring an SEO Company in Vancouver will help you to take your company further to the next level. The future of SEO is not just about search engine optimization and how the algorithms are changing. It is also about how people are adapting to these changes.
We have seen many trends and changes in SEO Strategy, from organic keywords to content marketing, from data-driven approaches to content strategy.

Here I’m going to share with you 8 Rules For SEO Strategies Success in 2022:

  • More Integration with Your SEO:

The days of SEO efforts are long gone. Now, it must be combined with effective content marketing and website design. The bounce rate of websites is high due to bad website design and user experience.

As a result, we’re likely to see more integration between search engine optimization (SEO), writing great content for your blog posts/website, and improving how users interact with these channels through techniques like Social Media Marketing, which will increase traffic flow onto one’s site from multiple sources at once.

  • Use Long-Form Content:

Google’s planned update drastically transformed how we track online advertising. Third-party cookies will no longer be allowed after 2022, which has many people worried about how sponsored campaign analytics can successfully track user engagement with their website or app experience in the future, especially as it relates to content/search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

It’s almost as if they’re challenging marketers to play with them, one Google Ads specialist remarked. However, there are significant hazards in this new environment, where content is the King and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics have radically changed due to the absence of cookies.

So if you use long-form content with 800-1000 words or more users will get engaged with your website for a long time.

  • Stay Up-to-Date with Google Updates:

Google’s algorithm will continue to improve its knowledge of content semantics. The focus on core web vitals and mobile-first indexing is increased. Google’s algorithm is updated from time to time each year, according to experts, so you can expect more frequent adjustments this time! “What kind?” What about them?” is the million-dollar question.  because one thing is certain: things will not remain the same indefinitely. Because these algorithms are always evolving based on fresh information that is fed into themselves over time, our response may soon be different than what we’ve gotten accustomed to seeing from yesterday or last week.

  • Focus On Technical SEO:

Because sites are becoming complex with new features being added all over. Your website’s stability and performance will become even more important in the future for ranking well on search engines like Google or Bing – which means you’ll need a professional SEO Company in Surrey BC who knows technical stuff more than you.

  • Focus On Improving User Experience:

According to 47% of users expect websites to load in two seconds or less. That means if your site takes longer than that, over half of your visitors will leave before exploring what you have to offer on-site. User Experience will become a significant ranking factor because there’s so much interaction involved with content & audio/video clips & other things like interactive videos, infographics, and other unique stuff.

  • Prioritize Mobile-First Indexing:

Google rolled out a mobile-first indexing update in 2018. Before this update, google crawlers crawled websites with the desktop version.

The motive of this update was to avoid using wonky formatting, no slow page loads, and no unnecessary margins that make reading or scrolling difficult for users.

You can use free tools to check your pages and see how they are responding and rendering on mobile devices.

  • Focus on Featured Snippets:

Featured Snippet is also a part of the successful SEO strategy. You will see the featured snippet appear in zero position at the very top of the SERP page in a rectangular box.

There are various types of featured snippets available on the internet, a few of them are:

  • Local business
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • FAQs
  • List
  • Table
  • Paragraph
  • And many more
  • Optimize For Google Passage Indexing:

In October 2020, Google launched Passage Indexing Update, where individual passages on web pages can be ranked along with the whole page itself. This means that Google can grab sections from a website, even if the page is about a different subject from the one displayed in the SERP.

Your main focus should be on creating clear sections within posts and describing subtopics clearly as well. These parts should always be relevant to your primary topic, but they should also make sense in context if viewed standalone.

  • Conclusion:

The future is pretty much bright if you invest your time in creating a good strategy. If you are not still investing your time in SEO strategies, this is the right time to do so. Follow the above steps to achieve SEO success in 2022. If you need any assistance you can call Bizfist It Solutions Ltd and get reasonable SEO Services in Vancouver, BC.